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The pirate ship is the main setting of this campaign. A pirate ship that the characters have been pressed into service aboard.

The Providence is based out of San Juan in Puerto Rico. This is where it sells it’s haul and takes on provisions.

The crew of the Providence is a very divided crew. Since most of them are pressed, they tend to stick together with their original crews. These groups wind up being very important to the crewmembers. If you came aboard with too few crewmembers, you’re often thrown into a group of outcasts rather than being forced to stick together with the 1, 2, or 3 people they were taken with and stand against groups of 8 or more.

Doing favors for members of a particular crew will often wind up making that crew more likely to return the favor. Each character will have a running number that tracks the other crews’ loyalty to them. They will not have access to this number though.

The Drijvend-Kiezel is a starting point for the ship. This one is the starting point of most characters but those that joined later came on similar ships.

The Eastern Islands are prime hunting grounds but are also home to a lot of naval bases. So dodging the authorities is required to reap the rewards.

Main Page

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