Hunter/Hunted: A Pirates of the Spanish Main Campaign

Night 8

Enter the Dragon?

Following the recent adventures it was decided by the officers to pull the ship up onto shore an clean it. In the first night of this endeavor they got the ship pulled up and made camp. Many of the crew went out hunting including the Revenges. One hunting party consisted of Bennies, Are-More, and Queequeg. Wandering through the woods in the dark, they soon find themselves lost on this island. Successfully hitting little more than trees they eventually reach a clearing. Wandering in the clearing they find a cliff and ordering over the cliff they see a cave. Feeling adventurous, Are-More and Bennies climb down into the cave. Feeling less adventurous Queequeg stays up top firing arrows into the fluttering bats coming from the cave. After a few minutes Queequeg heard a call from the cave asking for help. He fitted an arrow with a rope attached into the sky and it was caught by a leaping Are-More as a flood of bats came pouring from the cave and into the sky. Being in a slight non-sober state he saw a large mass of black with wings and immediately recognized it as a dragon. He elected to leave and avoid being eaten. Running the opposite direction he eventually found a small village. A man keeping watch invited him in and they say in awkward silence and slightly more awkward conversation until the man led Queequeg back to the beach asking them all to leave as soon as possible. Upon his arrival Queequeg informed his hunting partners, having recently returned themselves, that he fled the dragon to a small village. The group of now drunken sailors on the beach immediately take up the cause of finding and killing Queequeg’s dragon. The drunk and rowdy sailors head out on the hunt.



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