St. Jimmy

"It's not a duck, it's a raven. If you doubt that I'll cut you." Stone, Sailing Master's Mate, 2nd Watch



Agility – d8
Smarts – d6
Spirit – d8
Strength – d6
Vigor – d4

Derived Stats

Pace – 6
Parry – 7 + 1 (Rapier)
Toughness – 4 + 1 (Leather Armor)
Charisma – 0 + 6 (Very Attractive, Charismatic)


  • Attractive (Charisma +2)
  • Very Attractive (Charisma +4)
  • Charismatic (Charisma +2)




Lockpicking – d8
Fighting – d10
Throwing – d12
Swimming – d8
Boating – d8
Stealth – d8
Persuasion – d8

Leftover Wounds



St Jimmy was an acrobat and knife thrower who escaped from the circus after seducing the ringmaster’s wife and then daughter. Upon leaving he stole a duck from the circus who had been trained to pickup and retrieve (steal) loose coins for the owner. The duck appears to have been painted black and St Jimmy insists it is a raven.

St. Jimmy

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