"I'm sorry, were you just hitting me? I didn't notice." Swift, Gunner's Mate, 2nd Watch



Agility – d12
Smarts – d4
Spirit – d4
Strength – d12
Vigor – d4

Derived Stats

Pace – 6+2 (Fleet Footed)
Parry – 8
Toughness – 4+1 (Leather Armor)
Charisma – 0


  • Quick (Redraw initiative if 5 or less)
  • First Strike (May attack one foe who moves adjacent)
  • Improved First Strike (May attack every foe who moves adjacent)
  • Trademark Weapon: Spear ( + 1 Fighting with the weapon)
  • Improved Trademark Weapon: Spear ( + 2 Fighting with the weapon)
  • Lunge (May extend a melee weapon’s range by 1 if desired)
  • Fleet Footed ( + 2 to Pace, D10 running die instead of D6)
  • Mighty Blow (Double all melee damage when dealt a Joker)


  • Synaesthesia (The character can see smells)
  • Illiterate
  • Outsider (The character is native american and often wears paint making others less trusting of him)


Boating – d8
Swimming – d8
Fighting – d12
Riding – d8
Shooting – d12
Notice – d6
Healing – d8

Leftover Wounds



Queequeg is a tight-lipped native american. We have no idea how he got on that transport, but here he is…


Hunter/Hunted: A Pirates of the Spanish Main Campaign quaddlemox