"Smarts is not required to hit you really hard in the face." Java, Carpenter's Mate, 2nd Watch



Agility – d12
Smarts – d4
Spirit – d4
Strength – d10
Vigor – d6

Derived Stats

Pace – 6
Parry – 8+2 (Improved Block)
Toughness – 5+1 (leather armor)
Charisma – 0


  • Guardian, Target:Unnamed Character (Attacks against the target ally go against this character instead. If this character is wounded by that attack, gain a benny)
  • Rope Monkey (May move to any spot in the rigging with a climbing roll. A raise gives them surprise against foes at new location)
  • Combat Reflexes (+2 to recover from being shaken)
  • Block (Parry +1)
  • Improved Block (Parry +2)
  • Two Fisted (May attack with 1 weapon in each hand without the multiple actions penalty)


  • Delusional (Thinks he’s smart)
  • Dependant, Target: ?? (Totally devoted to a Novice Rank character who is always in trouble. If the dependant dies this character gets 1 less benny every session until the killer is brought to justice or slain)


Boating – d8
Swimming – d8
Fighting – d12
Throwing – d12
Shooting – d10
Climbing – d10
Notice – d4

Leftover Wounds



Bennies was the illegitimate child of a wealthy politician in South Carolina. His mother was afraid his identity would be found out and he would be killed so she put him in an orphanage. While there a smaller boy came to him for defense from a group of bullies. Bennies accidentally killed one of the aggressors, the head-master’s son. Bennies was then on the run for his life when he ran into the unnamed character who saved him. He will now defend her at any cost. However, he got on the wrong boat at a dock and has now lost track of her.


Hunter/Hunted: A Pirates of the Spanish Main Campaign quaddlemox