Hunter/Hunted: A Pirates of the Spanish Main Campaign

Night 6

Navies and Priests

As the ship sailed on and just before night fell the lookout Brit noticed a ship on the horizon. As they neared it was found to be a ship of the French Navy. The captain of the Providence lured the naval ship into a shooting match. Despite scoring a number of good hits, the Providence was out-gunned and it soon became obvious that they had to run. A good shot by Gerald at the rigging slowed the naval vessel down and the Providence ran to safe waters. As they ran through the shallows the naval vessel closed and managed to damage the ship and bring her to a stop. Fortunately the ship was forced off and around the shallows, giving the Providence time to repair, get under way, and escape.

Following the escape there was a lot of work to be done. Many of the crew were ordered to move materials out of the bowels of the ship to ensure the battle and consequent leaks didn’t ruin anything. Around this time Queequeg and a Revenge ad a run-in, reportedly over someone stealing something from the ship’s stores. Queequeg knocked the man out but apologized shortly thereafter. After he got out of the sick berth the man was whipped for theft of the goods that were found on him.

Around this time Brit was able to spot another ship. This one appeared much smaller and far less populated than the naval vessel. As they approached there appeared to be only 5 people on the ship. The men on the ship appeared completely uninterested in the pirates. A boarding party was sent over from the Providence and after searching the ship for anything of value, they didn’t find anything. Except, they did find a 6th man on the ship. They found his name was Juan Martin, but not until after he incapacitated almost all of the boarding party, used the mast of his own ship as a hammer, smashing the Providence in the side, and being incapacitated by Brit leaping from a mast onto him. Juan Martin was put in a cell and the rest on the ship were left to starve in the sea.



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