Hunter/Hunted: A Pirates of the Spanish Main Campaign

Night 8
Enter the Dragon?

Following the recent adventures it was decided by the officers to pull the ship up onto shore an clean it. In the first night of this endeavor they got the ship pulled up and made camp. Many of the crew went out hunting including the Revenges. One hunting party consisted of Bennies, Are-More, and Queequeg. Wandering through the woods in the dark, they soon find themselves lost on this island. Successfully hitting little more than trees they eventually reach a clearing. Wandering in the clearing they find a cliff and ordering over the cliff they see a cave. Feeling adventurous, Are-More and Bennies climb down into the cave. Feeling less adventurous Queequeg stays up top firing arrows into the fluttering bats coming from the cave. After a few minutes Queequeg heard a call from the cave asking for help. He fitted an arrow with a rope attached into the sky and it was caught by a leaping Are-More as a flood of bats came pouring from the cave and into the sky. Being in a slight non-sober state he saw a large mass of black with wings and immediately recognized it as a dragon. He elected to leave and avoid being eaten. Running the opposite direction he eventually found a small village. A man keeping watch invited him in and they say in awkward silence and slightly more awkward conversation until the man led Queequeg back to the beach asking them all to leave as soon as possible. Upon his arrival Queequeg informed his hunting partners, having recently returned themselves, that he fled the dragon to a small village. The group of now drunken sailors on the beach immediately take up the cause of finding and killing Queequeg’s dragon. The drunk and rowdy sailors head out on the hunt.

Night 7
Steal Sell and Steal It Again

After clearing up the wreckage from the priests’ ship, the captain of the Providence elected to try an old familiar tactic. They sailed to the French port of Irish Point on the Island of Hispaniola (it’s a real place, check Google Maps) to sell off some of their recently stolen gold. While selling the gold to a local gems and valuables merchant, they secretly landed Bennies, Aremore, and Queequeg on the island by night. They were rowed out to the island by Thomas Miro. However, they forgot to bring weapons, and Thomas was only able to provide a single dagger (though Queequeg was able to get a seashell that he decided to use as a weapon). Thomas nearly forgot to give them the map to the merchant’s warehouse. He did fail to mention which of the 9 warehouses was the one they needed to burgle.

The 3 went off to try and steal back the valuables they had just sold. The second warehouse they checked was full of cannabis. Since they did not bring any bags, they all stuffed their clothes to the brim with it. They checked the third warehouse and found 3 drunks standing around a man hanging by his neck. They ran in, intending to save the hanging man, but were enjoying the fighting so much they forgot to actually save the hanging man, who died during the fight. Out of anger they killed off the 3 attackers but were seen by the dead man’s apprentice who brought the authorities to the area. Before they could arrive though, Bennies found that the killers were there to force the victim to sign the deed to this warehouse over to them. With them being dead, Bennies wound up being the proud owner of the warehouse full of cloth. Despite the marines checking the area and even stopping and being befuddled by Queequeg, the trio managed to find the goods and started mobilizing to get back to the boat before rowing back out to the Providence. On the way Queequeg found and stole some extra weapons.

Only 6 of the bags were in the warehouse though so Aremore had to go into town to check the merchant’s shop. While there he managed to find the goods, stole an extra rug for himself and beat up a dog with a bag of green rocks.

Meanwhile Bennies ran the rest of the bags back to the rowboat. Once there he noticed that the boat had been moved. He walked up to the boat but in the dark, with his hands full, he failed to notice the boat was booby-trapped and soon found himself upside down with a snare around his ankle. After trying to climb the rope, he starting trying to swing to a nearby tree. However he succeeded only in snapping the tree open from the snare’s setup. This happened rapidly and wound up slinging Bennies deep into the woods. Wounded, and richer, the group returns to the ship with the mission being accomplished. Pleased with their work, the volunteers allow Bennies, Aremore, and Queequeg to keep the extra items they have stolen.

Night 6
Navies and Priests

As the ship sailed on and just before night fell the lookout Brit noticed a ship on the horizon. As they neared it was found to be a ship of the French Navy. The captain of the Providence lured the naval ship into a shooting match. Despite scoring a number of good hits, the Providence was out-gunned and it soon became obvious that they had to run. A good shot by Gerald at the rigging slowed the naval vessel down and the Providence ran to safe waters. As they ran through the shallows the naval vessel closed and managed to damage the ship and bring her to a stop. Fortunately the ship was forced off and around the shallows, giving the Providence time to repair, get under way, and escape.

Following the escape there was a lot of work to be done. Many of the crew were ordered to move materials out of the bowels of the ship to ensure the battle and consequent leaks didn’t ruin anything. Around this time Queequeg and a Revenge ad a run-in, reportedly over someone stealing something from the ship’s stores. Queequeg knocked the man out but apologized shortly thereafter. After he got out of the sick berth the man was whipped for theft of the goods that were found on him.

Around this time Brit was able to spot another ship. This one appeared much smaller and far less populated than the naval vessel. As they approached there appeared to be only 5 people on the ship. The men on the ship appeared completely uninterested in the pirates. A boarding party was sent over from the Providence and after searching the ship for anything of value, they didn’t find anything. Except, they did find a 6th man on the ship. They found his name was Juan Martin, but not until after he incapacitated almost all of the boarding party, used the mast of his own ship as a hammer, smashing the Providence in the side, and being incapacitated by Brit leaping from a mast onto him. Juan Martin was put in a cell and the rest on the ship were left to starve in the sea.

Email Only Week 5
Just another day

First day off the island. The crew is ordered to perform target practice to ensure everyone is back in the swing of things. Target practice goes well, the shooters did well, the crew performed well. While Gerald and Queequeg participated in shooting, Queequeg got injured and wound up in the sick berth. While there he was able to see Brit talking secretly with a Revenge. The day passed, the sick and injured recovered and the next day came.

Night 4
Shore Leave

As the Providence sailed away from her base, lighter but richer, she headed to a nearby deserted island to careen and let the men off for some rest. While on the way, the came across a small transport. Like so many others they intended to strip and sink this ship. However, one of the passengers Gerald saw the pirates coming and managed to set a trap. 6 of the Scimitars in the boarding party were incapacitated by canon fire as they tried to loot the ship. An explosion started the ship sinking so Mr. Flask came aboard and convinced Gerald to join the crew of the Providence as a gunner.

Shortly thereafter they arrived at a small desert island. They pulled the ship ashore and the carpenter’s crew cleaned the bottom of the ship. During this time Gerald and Aremore went exploring. Eventually they got to where they were on their own and found a small wooden hatch in the dirt. After crawling into the hole they came to an open cave. Lighting a nearby torch they startled a jaguar that had made this cave it’s home. Aremore paid for his curiosity by getting mauled but Gerald was there and able to shoot the jaguar before it could do more damage. They found some pieces that indicated others had been there before and were using to hide some goods.

Brit spent some time collecting coconuts for the Revenges who started making a coconut wine. Drinking their creation the Revenges started enjoying themselves and the afternoon in general, permitting Brit to join them. After mentioning some items to tempt Brit, he attempted to sneak his way into the ship. Before he could get too far though he was found by one of the Volunteers he was thrown out of the ship, literally. The ship on land left him with a fall of about 12 feet. Brit landed awkwardly and was out cold for a day. If it wasn’t for Queequeg’s kindness it would have been even longer.

Bennies found himself working the first night but waking up the second day he joined a group of outcasts (people without a group to claim) playing a game of cricket with the Scimitars.

Eventually everyone wound up enjoying a boar that Queequeg killed with some of the Dogfish and the coconut wine that the, now wasted, Revenges started to share. The next day they found themselves back t work pulling the ship back to sea.

Night 3
Getting Maladjusted

The characters wake up on the Providence. Bennies is assigned to be a Carpenter’s mate and sets to work. Despite putting a whole in the boat with a bad hammer strike Bennies did well in his new job. Brit was assigned to be a foremast jack and did well. As the day went on the Providence approached yet another victim.

Queequeg awoke on a nice and peasant day. His passenger ship sailing along, about a day from the windward isles. He spent his day in war paint and hunting some of the seabirds in the vicinity. As evening approached he and his ship noticed a ship in the distance. Shortly after midnight they were within range and the passenger was forced to heave to. Queequeg stood on deck in war paint and weapons but did not fight. Eventually a pirate in a gold shirt with a black band approached and asked about his appearance. Queequeg did nothing as the man approached him, questioned him, and punched him. When the pirate started pushing him onto the ship Queequeg finally fought back. He put up a good fight but was unable to keep from being knocked out by his assailant and dragged onto the Providence by his hair.

As the Providence sailed on the PCs performed their duties, each became more familiar with different crew-members and different groups within the crews. Bennies got some nicer clothes but was also stabbed slightly in a crowded room, evidence that someone on the ship holds a grudge. Rumors have also started to circle that the Captain returned from town with a new a fearsome weapon of an unknown type. They feel his power has grown.

Night 2
Putting Out Fires on a Sinking Ship

One of the PCs (not on the previous ship) was on a passenger ship and woke up on a pleasant day. Accomplishing little other than losing a fishing pole, he went to sleep. A very sound sleeper, Bennies failed to notice that this ship was now being attacked. He woke up to pirates in his room taking his stuff. After knocking one out the others set the room on fire. After attempting to beat the fire out with the body of his unconscious assailant Bennies went on deck. Taking the attackers on by himself resulted in getting shot and hit with a hammer until he was unconscious. However, his fighting impressed the attackers and he too was pressed onto the Providence.

Once there and conscious he found Aremore but failing to recognize him nearly started a fight. Eventually getting to talk to an NPC who was a quartermaster’s mate he learned a little bit about the groups on the ship.

Night 1
Failed Mutiny of the Nicest Man Ever

Four PCs awakened on a boat to a bright and pleasant day on their passenger ship.
During this day St Jimmy and Aremore began to attempt a mutiny while Brit attempted to loot the staterooms without too much success. After finally succeeding at containing the kindly and popular Captain through a ruse the two realized that a pirate ship had arrived and was attacking the ship. During the encounter they observed the pirate ship, Providence, is easily going to overpower the ship. The return the Captain to the deck and in the encounter he is killed. Through various displays of strength, 3 of the 4 PCs have proven themselves worth impressment onto the Providence. Nothing was seen of the fourth and the passenger ship was destroyed shortly after the encounter.


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