This is the third campaign for the Pirates of the Spanish Main game that I’ve put together; the first one on Obsidian Portal. Given the almost unlimited freedom (players can sail anywhere at any time and I’ll let them do anything at any time, if it’s possible), I’m sure this wiki and site will continue changing even as the game unfolds.

Preliminary Synopsis:
Players will awaken to find themselves aboard a passenger ship. Shortly thereafter though, a pirate ship comes and takes their ship, destroys it and presses them into the crew of the pirates. From struggling to find their place in the society of the ship to helping the pirates hunt down prizes, the story will unfold with all the freedom that the game offers. The question is: how will the players, and the ship, react when a map to treasure surfaces that seems to bring bad luck and bad company the closer they get to the destination?

Hunter/Hunted: A Pirates of the Spanish Main Campaign