There are a number of different groups on the ship. They spend their free time together and often vote together on matters of the ship. Each group’s loyalty to the members of their own group is unchangeably loyal, but the loyalties between groups change based on how they vote and how they interact.

The crew is comprised of a number of different groups. While there are a number of volunteers on board (in fact the volunteers as a group comprise the largest group in the crew) the majority of the crew was pressed from previous victims. Some of the crew who have been pressed for longer are now perfectly happy with the crew and are happily loyal to the captain.

Volunteers – 23 men
(1st Mate Mr. Starbuck; 2nd Mate Mr. Stubb; 3rd Mate Mr. Flask)
The volunteers are the only group that was not initially pressed from a previous victim. They are mostly Spanish in nationality coming from the ship’s home port of San Juan. All officers on the Providence are from the group of Volunteers. The volunteers can be identified by their black horizontal stripe on their gold-colored shirt.

Swallows – 13 men
The Swallow was one of the first ships plundered by the Providence on it’s first voyage out to sea. Needing some additional crew, the Providence took the best men they could find on the ship and forced them to crew the Providence instead. It didn’t take much convincing though; the captain of the Swallow had been a cruel merchant captain. Had these men not been taken, a mutiny would’ve been in that ship’s near future. Since that time, the Swallows have gotten used to the pirate life and are more than happy to continue serving the captain. The Swallows still wear the shirts of their EIC days, though slightly more tattered, and can be seen in white shirts with blue EIC symbols, often with a black ‘X’ or slash through the symbol. The Swallows are all in favor of taking and burning all EIC ships they see and their 13 votes go a long way.

Dogfish – 8 men
The Dogfish are very good sailors. Very few pirates are willing to take other pirate ships, but the Providence sank the Dogfish and pressed many of her crew into service. There used to be many more but they died in a failed mutiny. Those left are quite loyal to the current captain because they know what he is capable of.

Scimitars – 8 men
The scimitars served on the captains previous ship. However he has let them flounder in favor of his own volunteers so the Scimitars are more likely to rebel than other long-standing crew members. These are very good sailors but exceptional fighters.
The Scimitars wear loose pants with a noticeable sash. When in battle a large scimitar hangs from the sash.

Revenges – 5 men
The Revenges all carved into their shoulders leaving very recognizable scars. The Revenges act like their name implies. They are happy to incite trouble and would rather be on their own. But for now they’re happy to have the opportunity to fight and maim.

Pelicans – 3 men
Identifiable by the Pelicans tattooed somewhere on their body. They are the smallest crew to maintain a strong bond without having to team up or curry favor with larger crews or the misfits.

Outcasts – 10 men
Many boats are taken and only 1 or 2 people are deemed worth taking. These people have started sticking together and are termed the Outcasts.


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