"Guess what we're planning to do to you...." Stone, Foremast Jack, 2nd Watch



Agility – d8
Smarts – d4
Spirit – d8
Strength – d12
Vigor – d4

Derived Stats

Pace – 6
Parry – 6+1 (why?)
Toughness – 4+1 (from plate armor)
Charisma – 0


  • Luck (+1 Benny)
  • Great Luck (+2 Bennies)
  • First Strike (may attack 1 foe who moves adjacent)
  • Jack of All Trades (No – 2 for unskilled Smarts-based attempts)
  • Level Headed (Act on the best of 2 cards in combat)
  • Improved Level Headed (Act on the best of 3 cards in combat)
  • Quick (Redraw initiative cards if 5 or lower)


  • Habit (Always opens every door he sees)
  • Heroic (Always helps those in need)
  • Big Mouth (Can’t keep a secret, usually with very bad timing)


Persuasion – d12
Swimming – d8
Fighting – d12+2 (+1 each from Anatomy training and his Axe)
Boating – d6
Guts – d6
Intimidation – d6
Notice – d12
Stealth – d4

Leftover Wounds



Aremore became a world famous shark trainer for a traveling pirate circus in Europe. They traveled from Valencia to Geneva. On one particular show one of Aremore’s best sharks, Mr Rigging, bit off the hand of a French lord in Marseilles. Aremore was forced to leave in a hurry and hired passage on a ship to return to the Caribbean. Of all the sharks that were previously trained only 1 great white still seems to be following the ship, feeding on bodies after the fights.

Since joining the ship Aremore made himself appear more valuable by finding a cache of valuables with Gerald earning himself a chance to go on some boarding parties.


Hunter/Hunted: A Pirates of the Spanish Main Campaign quaddlemox