Hunter/Hunted: A Pirates of the Spanish Main Campaign

Night 7

Steal Sell and Steal It Again

After clearing up the wreckage from the priests’ ship, the captain of the Providence elected to try an old familiar tactic. They sailed to the French port of Irish Point on the Island of Hispaniola (it’s a real place, check Google Maps) to sell off some of their recently stolen gold. While selling the gold to a local gems and valuables merchant, they secretly landed Bennies, Aremore, and Queequeg on the island by night. They were rowed out to the island by Thomas Miro. However, they forgot to bring weapons, and Thomas was only able to provide a single dagger (though Queequeg was able to get a seashell that he decided to use as a weapon). Thomas nearly forgot to give them the map to the merchant’s warehouse. He did fail to mention which of the 9 warehouses was the one they needed to burgle.

The 3 went off to try and steal back the valuables they had just sold. The second warehouse they checked was full of cannabis. Since they did not bring any bags, they all stuffed their clothes to the brim with it. They checked the third warehouse and found 3 drunks standing around a man hanging by his neck. They ran in, intending to save the hanging man, but were enjoying the fighting so much they forgot to actually save the hanging man, who died during the fight. Out of anger they killed off the 3 attackers but were seen by the dead man’s apprentice who brought the authorities to the area. Before they could arrive though, Bennies found that the killers were there to force the victim to sign the deed to this warehouse over to them. With them being dead, Bennies wound up being the proud owner of the warehouse full of cloth. Despite the marines checking the area and even stopping and being befuddled by Queequeg, the trio managed to find the goods and started mobilizing to get back to the boat before rowing back out to the Providence. On the way Queequeg found and stole some extra weapons.

Only 6 of the bags were in the warehouse though so Aremore had to go into town to check the merchant’s shop. While there he managed to find the goods, stole an extra rug for himself and beat up a dog with a bag of green rocks.

Meanwhile Bennies ran the rest of the bags back to the rowboat. Once there he noticed that the boat had been moved. He walked up to the boat but in the dark, with his hands full, he failed to notice the boat was booby-trapped and soon found himself upside down with a snare around his ankle. After trying to climb the rope, he starting trying to swing to a nearby tree. However he succeeded only in snapping the tree open from the snare’s setup. This happened rapidly and wound up slinging Bennies deep into the woods. Wounded, and richer, the group returns to the ship with the mission being accomplished. Pleased with their work, the volunteers allow Bennies, Aremore, and Queequeg to keep the extra items they have stolen.



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