Hunter/Hunted: A Pirates of the Spanish Main Campaign

Night 4

Shore Leave

As the Providence sailed away from her base, lighter but richer, she headed to a nearby deserted island to careen and let the men off for some rest. While on the way, the came across a small transport. Like so many others they intended to strip and sink this ship. However, one of the passengers Gerald saw the pirates coming and managed to set a trap. 6 of the Scimitars in the boarding party were incapacitated by canon fire as they tried to loot the ship. An explosion started the ship sinking so Mr. Flask came aboard and convinced Gerald to join the crew of the Providence as a gunner.

Shortly thereafter they arrived at a small desert island. They pulled the ship ashore and the carpenter’s crew cleaned the bottom of the ship. During this time Gerald and Aremore went exploring. Eventually they got to where they were on their own and found a small wooden hatch in the dirt. After crawling into the hole they came to an open cave. Lighting a nearby torch they startled a jaguar that had made this cave it’s home. Aremore paid for his curiosity by getting mauled but Gerald was there and able to shoot the jaguar before it could do more damage. They found some pieces that indicated others had been there before and were using to hide some goods.

Brit spent some time collecting coconuts for the Revenges who started making a coconut wine. Drinking their creation the Revenges started enjoying themselves and the afternoon in general, permitting Brit to join them. After mentioning some items to tempt Brit, he attempted to sneak his way into the ship. Before he could get too far though he was found by one of the Volunteers he was thrown out of the ship, literally. The ship on land left him with a fall of about 12 feet. Brit landed awkwardly and was out cold for a day. If it wasn’t for Queequeg’s kindness it would have been even longer.

Bennies found himself working the first night but waking up the second day he joined a group of outcasts (people without a group to claim) playing a game of cricket with the Scimitars.

Eventually everyone wound up enjoying a boar that Queequeg killed with some of the Dogfish and the coconut wine that the, now wasted, Revenges started to share. The next day they found themselves back t work pulling the ship back to sea.



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