Hunter/Hunted: A Pirates of the Spanish Main Campaign

Night 3

Getting Maladjusted

The characters wake up on the Providence. Bennies is assigned to be a Carpenter’s mate and sets to work. Despite putting a whole in the boat with a bad hammer strike Bennies did well in his new job. Brit was assigned to be a foremast jack and did well. As the day went on the Providence approached yet another victim.

Queequeg awoke on a nice and peasant day. His passenger ship sailing along, about a day from the windward isles. He spent his day in war paint and hunting some of the seabirds in the vicinity. As evening approached he and his ship noticed a ship in the distance. Shortly after midnight they were within range and the passenger was forced to heave to. Queequeg stood on deck in war paint and weapons but did not fight. Eventually a pirate in a gold shirt with a black band approached and asked about his appearance. Queequeg did nothing as the man approached him, questioned him, and punched him. When the pirate started pushing him onto the ship Queequeg finally fought back. He put up a good fight but was unable to keep from being knocked out by his assailant and dragged onto the Providence by his hair.

As the Providence sailed on the PCs performed their duties, each became more familiar with different crew-members and different groups within the crews. Bennies got some nicer clothes but was also stabbed slightly in a crowded room, evidence that someone on the ship holds a grudge. Rumors have also started to circle that the Captain returned from town with a new a fearsome weapon of an unknown type. They feel his power has grown.



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