Hunter/Hunted: A Pirates of the Spanish Main Campaign

Night 2

Putting Out Fires on a Sinking Ship

One of the PCs (not on the previous ship) was on a passenger ship and woke up on a pleasant day. Accomplishing little other than losing a fishing pole, he went to sleep. A very sound sleeper, Bennies failed to notice that this ship was now being attacked. He woke up to pirates in his room taking his stuff. After knocking one out the others set the room on fire. After attempting to beat the fire out with the body of his unconscious assailant Bennies went on deck. Taking the attackers on by himself resulted in getting shot and hit with a hammer until he was unconscious. However, his fighting impressed the attackers and he too was pressed onto the Providence.

Once there and conscious he found Aremore but failing to recognize him nearly started a fight. Eventually getting to talk to an NPC who was a quartermaster’s mate he learned a little bit about the groups on the ship.



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